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  • For Doaitsen contracts only the following discounts apply
  • $200 off 2nd contract for multiple mares (same owner)
  • $100 off for mares ster or higher
  • $100 off contracts received on or before 4/1/2020
  • $100 off for returning repeat customers
  • Unfortunately we cannot accept any new contracts from Canada. We will honor LFGs

Doaitsen 420 Sport


Wander 352 x Reitse 272 Pref

Dam: Wieke van Schuilenburg Model

  • 2016-2019 USEF Friesian Sire of the Year!
  • 16.3 hands
  • Most popular KFPS stallion in the world with over 450 breedings in 2009
  • Sport rated
  • 2009 KFPS World Reserve Champion

  • From KFPS Offspring report Jan 15, 2013:
  • 50% ster mares
  • 19.5% 1st premie foals
  • 76.8% 1st and 2nd premie foals
  • 4 approved sons (Sake, Sjouke, Bene, Gergen)
  • 5 model daughters

Titanium MFR


6.5 year old Friesian stallion

Alert 475 x Leffert 306

Dam: Fobke

  • 17.1 hands
  • Titanium MFR is a very highly rated ster stallion. He received very good linear scores across th e board, with a 9 for racial type, a score rarely given.
  • Titanium MFR’s pedigree, on the sire side, reads: Sport, Sport Elite+Pref, Sport+Pref, Sport+Pref, Sport+Pref.
  • His dam line is: Model, Ster, Ster, Ster+Pref, Ster, Ster
  • With this pedigree and his forward moving attitude, we anticipate great things from him as well.
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